By: Bridget Jones

Hey fam! You and I both know that ambitious startup teams, our customers, colleagues, and those we love are working with objectives in new contexts but with reexamined priorities. The onus is on all of us to respond to these changes with transparency and with a greater sense of compassion.

To support teams that find themselves suddenly forced into a new way of working, we’re offering a free one-and-a-half hour financial analysis for 3 startup teams in your program from top Silicon Valley industry experts. Their analysis consists of P&L review, financial goal setting, sales forecasting, target CAC definitions and all things related to finance! Your startups can choose which area they’d like to devote their 1 1/2 hour session to.

In a remote world, we’ve gotten really serious about enabling teams to co-create impactful outcomes amidst uncertainty by helping them develop empathy, for themselves and those they serve. Capital matters. Better understanding how your company is doing financially matters just as much.

What Would Startup Teams Do in FinRoth?

Startups apart of an accelerator or incubator would need to upload their profit and loss statements (either manually or by csv) and their rate of growth. Don’t worry, the platform teaches founders how to do this. And the accelerator gains a clear focus on how the startups are really doing. See, we talked to hundreds of founders about what they’re struggling with and discovered a pattern in founders understanding their numbers and how to do market research. Our templates are really just a guide to help the founders that might need a little extra support outside of the accelerators curriculum.

You can advocate for startups by sending your top three startups our way for a free financial analysis. They can set it up by contacting our Director of Business Development, Zack at