By: You guessed it (Bridget Jones)

Trust is the crux of every strong connection. The Chisel family wants you to establish a deeper relationship and shared vocabulary with the founders you love and support. We make that pretty easy to do. With FinRoth, our team does market research (TAM, SAM, SOM, SWOT analysis and deep dive industry insights) for every single startup founder in each program our client supports. Say what? That’s right. Every single startup.

We give the founders templates and tutorials on how to measure churn rates, growth and sales within their business. And we give each startup a score based on progress. Startups can build in stealth mode until they’re ready to be seen. We allow investors onto our platform for a first glance into each startup that makes their startup visible. The ones they like, they invest in on the spot. The ones they don’t invest in will be able to understand how far away they were from funding. FinRoth is packed with step-by-step user guides and templates to place founders in their best possible position for funding.

We get it. There’s more to accelerators than strengthening their portfolios. But our position is to make sure we aren’t leaving money on the table. FinRoth is like Trello meets Hubspot, but for financial modeling.